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In 1513 Spanish explorers landed in Florida. Decades later, inland expeditions to the north reached modern day Virginia. What they found with the Cherokee Natives in the mountains of North Carolina changes the course of world history. 500 years later. 

Jimmy-Mack's roadside encounter with a Cherokee woman leads to an earth shattering secret. It's the year 2016. Mack's new found love hasn't been seen since the 1700's. But there's far more than love at stake for the flawed combat veteran who needs a second chance in life.

When the woman disappears in the Blue Ridge mountains, Mack uncovers an ancient artifact with an origin threatening Christianity itself.

While Mack chases down leads on a dangerous wilderness quest to find her, time is running out. 


An international manhunt to steal the artifact and take him out is already underway.

And there's something electrifying happening behind the scenes. Mack's encounter with the Cherokee woman and her artifact didn't happen by chance. The real Cherokee secret is about him. And when James MacNaughton finds out just who or what he really is, the future of the Old World, and a surprising new one, will never be the same.

The Cherokee Secret is book 1 in a powerful adult speculative novel series filled with action, international mystery, suspense and history, including a paranormal twist. It's a contemporary genre-bending, fairy-tale like story strong on folklore, myth, Gothic elements and unforgettable characters. The overriding theme is good vs evil.

Point of View: The Cherokee Secret was written using a combination of 3rd person omniscient (all-seeing narrator) and 3rd limited with first person tweaks. This is similar to the POV used in Dan Brown's DaVinci Code (but without all that backstory) which the author felt was the best approach to not only keep the page count down while relaying a complicated story, but to maintain the reader's strong connection with the characters. 

The fantasy element is minimal and on par with magical realism.. Yes, there's a witch!

Who will like this book? Readers of The Alchemist, Bearskin and Once Upon a River, just to name a few.


But why stop there? The book is a genre-bender: part DaVinci Code, part Call of the Wild, part Once and Future King.

....But you haven't seen anything yet....


....The Cherokee Secret take's the reader down a rabbit hole to another world... The Old World and the New will collide.....

.....You'll read about the House of Bourbon, Scottish Royalty and of course, Cherokee Native Americans....

....I warned you. This is no ordinary quest fantasy story. A powerful religious figure will emerge with the artifact. Mack's future is not the only one in jeopardy....



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