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Welcome to my site. I’m Ed Hendry from West Palm Beach, FLA.

After a successful 20-year construction management career, God stepped in to re-direct my life and now I  write books.  

Currently, I'm seeking literary representation for my debut manuscript, The Cherokee Secret, a contemporary quest fantasy story set in the mountains of North Carolina and overseas in the halls of the Royal Palace of Spain.

Here’s a little about me…I'm a survivor of many battles, most of which fell between my ears. I grew up playing in the mountains of North Carolina and the swamps of the Florida Everglades. Even today this is where I can be found. As a young man, the U.S. military shipped me off to the sands of the middle-east. Later I traveled to the cold lands of the north selling stocks on the streets of lower Manhattan. Eventually, I moved on to build things. Big and complicated things. And now here I am, having constructed the greatest project of my life.

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