“Hendry’s debut novel presents a solid, creative storyline about a North Carolina hunt for a mysterious stone that offers its possessor the chance to become ruler of Spain...Moving between the backwoods of Appalachia and the hallways of power in Madrid, Hendry’s story holds together… Its creativity extends even to minor plot developments, such as an encounter with a rattlesnake that will leave readers wincing in sympathy.”

—Kirkus Reviews 


Edward Hendry is an American author, entrepreneur, veteran, and outdoor enthusiast.

Good vs Evil.  

Unrivaled storytelling.  

Unforgettable characters.

These are the hallmarks of Edward Hendry’s debut, The Cherokee Secret, the first in a powerful speculative novel series following the riveting adventures of James MacNaughton (Mack), a not so ordinary man who discovers a Viking treasure with a supernatural origin holding a time-shattering secret, revealing his long-lost love and a mysterious ancient past. 

Combining historical fiction with magic, mysticism, wisdom, wonder, and suspense, Hendry’s high-stakes story about the lust for power and conflict in the human heart is one you don’t want to miss… 

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